Creating a brighter future for Australia’s veterans

Taskforce Veteran is working towards a future where every ADF veteran feels empowered, understood, and seamlessly connected to the community.

taskforce vehicle with the flag of Australia

Honouring Service,
Creating Change

Of the 700,000+ Australian veterans who have selflessly served and protected our nation, 30% return home only to face severe hardship, isolation, and mental health challenges.

Here at Taskforce Veteran, we believe our veterans deserve more than this.

We envision a world where all veterans – past, present, and future – feel truly connected and supported by the community they have so bravely served.

By fostering connection and offering safe, inclusive spaces for ADF members of all backgrounds, Taskforce Veteran helps to reduce isolation, restore self-worth, and actively promote mental well-being amongst the ADF community.

Together, we honour the past, strengthen the present, and create a brighter future for Australian veterans and their families.

Join us in making a lasting impact, supporting those who served and ensuring their contributions are never forgotten.

How We Support Veterans

Championing self-worth

We create inclusive spaces that reduce isolation, restore self-worth, and proactively address mental health challenges for veterans of all backgrounds.

Community education and advocacy

We advocate for past, present, and future veterans, raising public awareness about their unique challenges and significant contributions to Australia's history.

Cultivating collaborative environments

We create innovative opportunities for the diverse veteran community to collaborate in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Creating, preserving, and restoring links to the past

We preserve Australian military history by restoring essential memorabilia and ensuring veterans' contributions are respected, acknowledged, and appreciated.

Initiatives that Foster Connection and Community

Taskforce Veteran’s innovative programs are designed to link veterans, communities, and military history, creating an inclusive environment that enhances the quality of life for veterans of all backgrounds and their families.