Creating opportunities for change

Taskforce Veteran is working towards a future where all ADF members and their families feel supported, connected, and empowered by the country and people they once served.

Our initiatives are intentionally created to help veterans foster connection, find purpose, and create community outside of the ADF environment, while also educating the general community on the important role veterans have played throughout history.

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Military Members Shed

The Military Members Shed will provide a safe, inclusive environment for veterans to find support in their post-military life.

Central to Taskforce Veteran’s mission of improving the physical and mental well-being of veterans, the Military Members Shed will allow veterans to find community and purpose amongst like-minded people.

The initiative will engage veterans through military heritage projects, community activities, and regular events that foster companionship, skill sharing, and project collaboration.

The Branxton to Greta Memorial Cycleway

The Branxton to Greta Memorial Cycleway will become a living memorial dedicated to the brave men and women of the Hunter who have served our country selflessly in times of war and peacekeeping.

The towns of Branxton and Greta boast a rich military heritage, with locals volunteering for national service and the Greta Army Camp training numerous soldiers for overseas duty.

The Branxton to Greta Memorial Cycleway project establishes a physical connection between the two towns and commemorates the sacrifices made by the region’s residents. It symbolises unity and gratitude towards those who served, fostering remembrance and appreciation for their contributions to freedom.

Military Armoured Restoration Society

The Military Armoured Restoration Society (MARS) plays a vital role in preserving Australian military history by restoring retired vehicles for use in commemorative events like Anzac Day.

MARS plays a vital role in Taskforce Veteran’s mission to preserve military memorabilia and educate the community about Australia’s rich military history. The initiative also offers valuable opportunities for veterans to collaborate and use their unique ADF skills and experience to restore these important vehicles, an opportunity that fosters unity and purpose in the community.

Vehicles refurbished by MARS feature at military events and educational displays, allowing the ADF and general community to connect with military history, support veterans, and learn more about Australia’s rich military heritage.

Driving with Diggers

Driving with Diggers aims to foster connection and community among aging veterans by arranging for them to be picked up from their homes or aged care facilities in restored military vehicles.

These outings provide more than just transportation; facilitated by Taskforce Veteran volunteers, they offer companionship and a chance to reconnect with one’s military past.

The initiative allows veterans to once again feel the pride of being in a military vehicle while reminiscing about their military experiences over a cup of tea or coffee. It’s a meaningful way to ensure that these heroes remain connected, valued, and supported within their community.

Veterans Brew

Understanding that many veterans and their families struggle to find community when transitioning outside of the ADF environment, our monthly Veterans Brew offers a chance to find connection and support from like-minded people.

Once a month the Veterans Brew welcomes all veterans and their families to enjoy a coffee or tea with fellow servicemen and women from the local community. Taskforce Veteran is committed to creating an inclusive, safe environment that allows veterans of all backgrounds and walks of life to feel supported, ensuring that our ADF community can maintain their link to their valuable military past.


In line with Taskforce Veteran’s mission to preserve Australia’s rich military history, we are proud to be restoring the historical Scheyville Officer Training Unit in Scheyville, NSW into a community hub for both veterans and the general public.

Once complete, Scheyville will be a place for the general Hawkesbury community to come together to learn about military history, the sacrifices of veterans, and how the ADF community has shaped Australia with their heroic acts of service.

How you can help

Help shape a brighter future for Australia’s veterans by volunteering with Taskforce Veteran today. Your support makes a meaningful difference in honouring and uplifting those who’ve served our nation.