Our vision

Taskforce Veteran envisions a future where past, present, and future ADF veterans and their families feel deeply appreciated, supported, understood, and seamlessly connected to the community.
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We’re on a mission to improve the lives of Australia’s veterans

Taskforce Veteran was created to provide comprehensive support and education for ADF veterans and their families. Through various initiatives and opportunities, we foster an all-inclusive environment where veterans can connect and build vital social supports to alleviate isolation, no matter their identity.

Recognising that every veteran’s journey is unique, Taskforce Veteran seeks to understand, raise awareness of, and foster appreciation for these individual experiences.

Through engagement opportunities and events, Taskforce Veteran aims to link veterans with one another, their communities, and military history. In doing so, we seek to bridge the past to the present, creating a cohesive environment that enhances the quality of life for veterans and their families.

What we stand for


Creating an all-inclusive community that supports our diverse veterans from the past, present and future.


Sharing our history and cooperating with the community to achieve our goals.


Creating a community where veterans support one another and recognise the strengths each person has to contribute and share.


Fostering community respect for the sacrifices veterans have made and the importance of military memorabilia, vehicles and sites to our collective history.

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Our objectives

Championing self-worth

Taskforce Veteran strives to develop inclusive spaces and opportunities for veterans of all backgrounds and identities, creating opportunities that reduce isolation, restore self-worth, provide a sense of belonging, and proactively address mental health and wellbeing challenges.

Community education and advocacy

Taskforce Veteran actively advocates for the needs of the diverse veteran community, raising public awareness of the unique challenges that face those who have served our country and the contribution they have made to our past, present, and future.

Cultivating collaborative environments

Taskforce Veteran strives to foster collaboration with diverse veteran communities, creating an all-inclusive environment where military members of various backgrounds feel welcomed and supported.

Creating, preserving, and restoring links to the past

Taskforce Veteran will play a vital role in preserving Australian military history by acquiring, restoring, and showcasing important military memorabilia, ensuring veterans' contributions are commemorated and displayed for the community to respect and appreciate.

Meet our Board of Directors

Brett Wild

Brett Wild


Brett Wild is the founder and inaugural Chairman of Taskforce Veteran – a charity started in 2018 to provide comprehensive support and education for ADF veterans and their families. Brett started his military career with the Citizens Military Force (CMF) before joining the 1/19th RNSWR and the 21st Construction Regiment, where he became an Army Engineer – RAE. In 1999 Brett committed to Continuous Full-Time Service (CFTS) at the Army Personnel Agency. He spent the next nine years serving at Special Operations Command, 8 CER, 5 CER and finally at the Special Forces Training Centre at Singleton as the Adjutant and Training Warrant Officer. In 2008, Brett accepted a medical discharge and now lives with his partner Charmaine who owns a boarding kennel for dogs and cats in the Hunter Valley.
Director Patrick Mcallister

Patrick McAllister

Director, Project Management

Patrick McAllister joined the Australian Regular Army in 1989 as a soldier in the Royal Australian Survey Corps. He completed postings to the Army Survey Regiment and the 1st Topographical Survey Squadron before attending the Royal Military College, Duntroon, in 1994. On graduation, he was allocated to the Royal Australian Engineers and his postings included the 17th Construction Squadron, the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, the Joint Incident Response Unit, the 21st Construction Regiment, and Headquarters Forces Command. Since 2010, Patrick has been an Operations Manager for the construction company Hansen Yuncken, a role that sees him develop and lead high-performance teams on construction projects of varying scale and complexity. Blending his military background and interest in military history with his construction management experience, Patrick looks forward to using his expertise to drive Taskforce Veteran’s current and future projects.
Director Frank Zeigler

Frank Ziegler

Director of Compliance, Policy, and Governance

Frank has a Master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety and a Graduate Diploma in disaster and risk management. Frank has written and presented courses on behalf of PDS for the Victorian and South Australian Work Cover Authorities, training their inspectorate in all matters pertaining to commercial diving.

Frank is a Commercial Diving Supervisor in accordance with AS/NZS2299.1:2015 and has over 35 years of experience, including over 6,000 hours of commercially logged dive time throughout Australia and around the world.

Director Duncan Burck

Duncan Burck

Director of Education, Schools, and Community

Duncan is the Managing Director of MCB Business Partners. As an innovative, result-driven, and experienced business manager, Duncan has an extensive background in project management and consultation, working with businesses, community organisations, government agencies, and corporations in the areas of economic, workforce, and business development. Duncan works with the NSW Department of Education and the highly acclaimed STEM Industry Skills Partnership Program to develop innovative learning activities that will see Australia’s military history and future opportunities being embedded in NSW and Australia. Duncan is excited to be part of the Taskforce Veteran team as we continue to bring our initiatives and vision to life for the benefit of past, current, and future veterans.
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Rachel McKenzie

Director of Communication and Veteran Engagement

At the age of 17, Rachel enlisted as an Army Reserve medic with the 12/16 Hunter River Lancers. She then went on to be a Full-time Commissioned Nursing Officer in the ARA and finally back to 12/16 as a Gres Nursing Officer before discharge. Rachel says her time in the Army allowed her to understand the sacrifices that all veterans make to serve the country.

Rachel has now been a Registered Nurse for 20 years working in several areas of health including Defence. She has specialised in management, education and quality assurance (including ISO Certification). Having a Master’s in Nursing Leadership, Rachel has led many teams and organisations to streamline processes, organisational structure changes, and project management for Model of Care projects.

Rachel now lives in the Hunter Valley with her partner and two children and is working as a Business Manager. Rachel is looking forward to working with Taskforce Veteran to bring about positive changes and forward-thinking that can benefit all veterans and communities.


Craig Robinson

Director of Scheyville, Military Armoured Restoration, and Historical Vehicle Registration

From an early age, Craig has had a keen interest in military history – a passion he shared with his father. Together, the pair formed a large collection of British military firearms spanning the late 1700s to 1945, with Craig’s interest eventually growing to encompass World War Two battle helmets. Over the years, this hobby has evolved into a premier headgear collection that includes many rare and historically significant pieces.

Craig’s professional background is in mechanical power transmission, where he specialises in industrial gearing. Throughout his career, Craig has held senior technical management roles for many of the major gearing companies in Australia.

Craig’s involvement with military vehicles began in the mid-1990s. He currently owns a British Army 1963 Ferret MK1/2 Scout car ex BAOR (British Army Of The Rhine). The Ferret regularly appears at local ANZAC Day and Vietnam Veterans commemorations and even attends many regional events.

Craig served in the Army Reserve Artillery during the early 1980s with 11 FLD BTY 2/3 FLD REGT based at the time in Belmore Sydney.

Craig has been happily married since 1989 and has two adult boys both now serving the communities of NSW & ACT in professional capacities.

Craig is extremely honoured to be given the opportunity to support Taskforce Veteran and the deserving veteran community that it serves.